Chassidut Breslov / Crime

Has Uman turned into a paradise for Criminals?

A few days ago, an Israeli TV channel published this article on its website:
Sorry, but the article is in Hebrew only!
What it basically says is that Uman and the whole environment around Rabbi Nachman’s Kever has turned into a paradise for criminals. Even leading members of the Israeli mafia were seen in Uman.
I didn’t know that but there are quite a few Breslover living in Uman. Don’t ask me why because I cannot understand why Jews would exchange Jerusalem for Uman. This is just sick. G-d wants us to be in Israel and not in Uman.
However, Breslover running a store in Uman report that the Israeli mafia is demanding money from them. Otherwise their store would be burned down. Many businessowners keep quiet and prefer to pay.
For years it has been going on that various Sephardi Rabbis have been traveling to Uman. Not alone but together with Israeli Sephardi pop singers or businessmen. People who paid thousands of Dollars so that the Rabbi is praying for them. I think it was also Rabbi Pinto who took rich Sephardi Jews to Uman. There is a whole business going on and now even the Jerusalem mafia seems to be involved.
A lot of people claim that the article would be too exaggerated and nothing but Lashon HaRah (slander). However, the Israeli police do take the statements made in the article pretty seriously and have started an official investigation.
My personal opinion is that all kinds of crooks are successfully sneaking into Breslov because there is no Rebbe. Everyone seems to do whatever he wants and is getting away with it. Hopefully, the same won’t happen in Chabad one day. Although I have noticed changes in Chabad, as some Chabad Houses have started charging money for anything they offer.

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