Daily Life in Israel

Jerusalem: “How people live their daily lives?”

Photo: Miriam Woelke
Shilo Street in Nachlaot / Jerusalem


A lot of readers of my German blog as well as here on Shearim keep on asking me about the daily life in Jerusalem. How do we residents live and how do we cope with Arab terror? How can we leave the house, go to work or shopping when there could me an Arab terrorist waiting with a knife around the corner?
Regarding Jerusalem, the terror answer is very simple but may sound entirely insane to you guys living abroad:
We got used to it over the past decades.
What else are we expect to do? Not to leave the house anymore, lock all the doors and be depressed?
This would only mean giving in to Arab terror. While they are walking around outside enjoying themselves, we are supposed to stay inside and be afraid?
Believe it or not, Israelis are actually more occupied with their own lives. Paying bills and earning a living. Israel is one of THE biggest rip – off places I have ever been to. Everything is so awfully expensive and people just rip you off wherever you go.
So, Jerusalem residents also try making ends meet and while doing so, potential terror attacks seem insignificant. Today is the first of the month and rent has to be paid. And this, unfortunately, is all what counts.

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