Anti - Israel Policies / Anti - Jewish

Why Israel has Reform women going crazy over the Kotel

When I look at pictures showing the so-called “Women of the Wall”, I get the impression that the majority of these women is not Jewish at all. I heard that a bunch of them doesn’t even live in Israel but is especially flown in from the States.
I also wonder who is financially supporting this strange movement screaming around with a Torah scroll in the arm. We are used to various Christian missionary organization financing anything against Orthodox Judaism in order to get a foothold in Israel.
However, not only Christian missionaries are aiming for the destruction of Judaism: A lot of Jewish leftist organizations located abroad would do anything in order to weaken the State of Israel and it’s society.
Only recently I read a very true opinion on the whole subject:
“Why is Israel finding itself confronted with all kinds of leftists, Christian missionaries and other weirdos?
Because it is not a state run by Halacha!”
I totally agree with this statement. Until Meshiach is not here and the Third Temple is not standing, we have to deal with all forms of destructive insanity and blasphemers.

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