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A Blog Break is Coming up

This week I went to a job interview at the Jerusalem Post. They were looking for people working late afternoon / evening shifts and I know someone who knows someone … yada yada … who has been working in this position for quite a while and loves it. So, I thought that I may apply as well because I have time after my regular job. And why not earning some extra money?
When I applied, I never thought that they may contact me because I am not a native speaker. I was quite stunned when they did and asked me in for an interview. So, my English level was checked, as you have to be on a nearly native level. They even gave me a grammar test. My Anglo friends told me later on that they would have never past that test when I told them about the question I was asked. 🙂
At the end of the interview, the recruiting manager told me that they would be in touch but I still didn’t expect them to get back to me. Well, it was an experience after all!
Today the manager phoned and told me that they do accept me. Yeah! What a surprise.
However, I have to go for a training in Tel Aviv which lasts about a week. After the training, my job will be located in Jerusalem. What I didn’t expect: The relatively long training hours from 9am-4pm. Not included the bus trip from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv and back.
What I am planning to do is, taking a break from blogging. Well, it depends because I might have time in the evening or just in between. Who knows.
The training is supposed to start next week until March 28. That’s about it. I still cannot believe that they accepted me and I am really looking forward to work there. However, I won’t give up blogging although there won’t be too much time until the end of the one-week training. 🙂
Shabbat Shalom-Have a great Shabbat!!!

4 thoughts on “A Blog Break is Coming up

  1. B”H

    Yeah, I like it! Sounds like a very interesting job. 🙂
    One week suffering through the training but the worst is traveling from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv and back. Getting up at 5.30 in the morning or so. 😦

  2. B”H

    May it be a blessing on your head.

    I am just curious whether you will have a week off your regular job for the training (I have no idea what it is that you do) ?

    In time you will let us know.

  3. B”H

    Hi Eran,

    I am getting a week off for the training. 🙂 However, I got the message that the training will only start this upcoming Wednesday instead of Monday (the day after tomorrow).

    What I am going to do there?
    First of all, it is only a part-time job. So far because I am also doing something else.

    The Jerusalem Post has a programme called Jerusalem Lite. This programme is meant for Israelis who either want to learn or improve their English. And we are teaching them spoken conversational English. As far as I heard are the clients students, school kids, ordinary people, politicians as well as businessmen. That’s all! Nothing special but I am interested because you get the chance to talk to all kinds of different people. And they have to suffer through spoken English. 🙂

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