Daily Life in Israel

Purim, Daylight Saving & Training

Purim and Shabbat are over and a new week has begun. I am still in the middle of my training, as I start working for the “Jerusalem Post Lite Talk”. Wednesday will be the last training day and, although the training itself is very interesting, I am looking forward to get more sleep. Every morning I have to travel to Tel Aviv and, as the course starts early, I have to get up verryyy early in order to catch two buses and sit in the classroom on time. Training is strict and we must be on time. ๐Ÿ™‚
Traveling to Tel Aviv every morning and returning to Jerusalem in the late afternoon is pretty tiring. This is another reason why I didn’t get too much of a Purim atmosphere this year. However, the main reason was that Shushan Purim came out on a Friday and what can you do such a day when Shabbat is right around the corner?
Also daylight saving started on Thursday (to Friday) night. Haredi groups connected to the Edah HaCharedit don’t participate in the “Zionist State” daylight saving and thus don’t change their clocks. Honestly, I wish that all this daylight saving issue would be canceled. This has nothing to do with Zionist or not but I consider changing the clock as totally unnecessary. It is always hard to get used to the “new time”.
So, this is basically it at the moment. It is terrible when your life consists of going to work and falling into bed at night, isn’t it. Well, I’ve got another four days to go and then this will be it because the job itself is in Jerusalem. Only the training is taking place in Tel Aviv. ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Great because, slowly slowly, I have to start cleaning for Pessach (Passover). A lot of Jews always start going crazy as soon as Purim is over. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am not one of them but it gives you a better feeling when you, at least, start with something small. The bookshelves, for instance.

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