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Israel: “Israeli soldier shot Palestinian terrorist” and “TNUVA is getting rid of 500 employees”


Photo: Miriam Woelke

View on Tel Aviv
Last Wednesday I finished the training for my new job at the  “Jerusalem Post”, and already on Thursday, I had my first shift teaching English to Israelis.
Because I did not have the time for too much blogging, I would like to bring up two issues now. The topics may sound “old” but I still feel likethat I have to mention them.
The first subject is regarding the Israeli soldier in Hebron who shot a Palestinian terrorist. The latter was already laying on the ground and helpless. However, the IDF soldier shooting him stated later on that the terrorist had worn a long coat which raised his suspicion. The weather was pretty warm that day and there was no reason for a coat. The soldier figured that the Palestinian could have a bomb hidden underneath his coat and blow himself up as soon as there are enough Israeli soldiers around. Some sort of a revenge attack.
This, however, had happened before in the 90s, when two Palestinian terrorists blew themselves up at the Beit Lid Junction (near Netanya). The first terrorist blew himself up and as soon as ambulance, police and other helpers started to arrive, the second terrorist blew himself up. Since then, Israelis are very careful about not to end up in an ambush.
The vast majority of the Israeli population is supporting the soldier who ended up in jail. Now he is under house arrest. However, there are also opinions that the soldier acted without showing any mercy. An Israeli politician stated that we should not behave like Palestinian terrorist and just kill people for no reason. 
Another hot topic:
The famous Israeli dairy TNUVA company is about to fire 400 – 500 employees. A while ago, a Chinese company bought TNUVA and, apparently the Chinese want to cut costs. The Israeli government did not interfere when TNUVA was sold to a foreign company because the dairy industry is not a security or military issue. The Chinese, on the other hand, wanted TNUVA’s know – how which they now use for their own production in China. Another option: The Chinese can sell TNUVA’s know – how to any other company in the world. It is all about the big money and investments and TNUVA’s employees can protest as much as they like. In the end, they will be screwed!

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