Archaeology / Israeli History / Jewish History


For those of you who are in Israel and are still looking for something to do on Chol HaMo’ed Pessach (the Intermediate Days):
Why not visit the famous BEIT GUVRIN CAVES?
When you click on the above link, you can see a few pictures. You will definitely notice all those small little holes in the walls. Someone told me that in the ancient days, the residents of the caves kept pigeons in these holes. Historians argue whether the pigeons served as food or sacrifices or both. There are about 2000 holes in the walls and it is not clear whether pigeons could be kept underground.
I find this extremely interesting and I definitely want to go to Beit Guvrin. However, it is difficult to say when because I work a lot. However, I find these holes quite spooky. 🙂


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