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Happy Passover Cleaning!

The last days before Erev Pessach (Passover Night) and I am really busy cleaning and getting organized. As strange as it may sound, I will only be back blogging on Chol HaMo’ed Pessach (the Passover Intermediate Days). Until then, I don’t have time although I really do miss blogging.
People are going crazy in our local supermarkets. They buy as if a war is coming. Long line-ups in front of the tills and I don’t want to know how much people spend for the Seder night.
I thought about buying a kilo of handmade Mazzot from Chabad but they charge quite a lot of money. I wouldn’t mind so much but someone told me that the Gur Osher Ad supermarket only charges 50% less than Chabad. It goes without saying that I prefer Osher Ad. 🙂
So, enjoy your Pessach cleaning and Chag Sameach – Happy Passover!!!
I will be back blogging on the first day of Chol Ha’Mo’ed (Sunday 24 April).

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