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Polish Journalist exposing false community “Rabbi”

It sounds unbelievable but it is true. Even more so, as I have heard about various community Rabbis in Germany who turned out to be the same kind of fraud. In the Bavarian town of Fuerth, one “Rabbi” was not a Rabbi at all but had worked as a Mashgiach in Israel. Only some time later, the community asked him for official documents and the former Mashgiach presented a faked certificate. He got fired but, as far as I heard, it took another year to get rid off the guy because he simply refused to leave.
The same German community had a chairman who wasn’t even Jewish but the people had no doubt that he was. It can be a fatal mistake not to ask a Rabbi or board chairman for their certificates. Whether they are Jewish at all and if they are a real Rabbi.
The same now happened in Poland when a Gentile guy popped up claiming that he was born in Haifa and is an Israeli haredi Rabbi. No community member showed any doubt that the guy was a fraud and not even Jewish. An Israeli haredi online site presents a picture and just take a quick look of the “Rabbi’s” shoes. Already then you know that he is nothing but a fake.
Now a Polish journalist exposed the imposter and the journalist finds himself confronted with threats from Jewish community members. These people are probably more than upset because the journalist did what the Jewish community had never done: He investigated who this person really was and it wasn’t an Israeli Haredi but a Polish Gentile.
Polish Jewry prefers not to talk about this case but, once again, it shows that Jewish communities should always check whether their new Rabbi is halachically Jewish and if his certificates are no fakes.
By the way, the imposter escaped as soon as his real identity was uncovered. 🙂
All information here:
And in Hebrew:

2 thoughts on “Polish Journalist exposing false community “Rabbi”

  1. As I understand it all you have to do is have read the Torah you can make the claim. The ball shem tov was not a rabbi look what he did

  2. B”H

    Today there are special studies in case one wants to become a Rabbi. In particular, if one wants to become a community Rabbi. The rules are very strict and so are the tests.

    The same when one wants to become a surgeon. You cannot just call yourself a surgeon today but you have to be qualified.

    And a Gentile definitely doesn’t qualify for a Rabbi’s position.

    Never mind, the guy ran as fast as he could as soon as his true identity was uncovered.

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