Baalei Teshuva / Teshuva

Frum Jews do Teshuva too

There are those secular Israelis who admire other Jews undergoing a Teshuva (repentance) process and there are those Israelis who think that Teshuva is only for Jews who cannot manage their own lives. Thus, they need someone (in this case a Rabbi) telling them what to do.
In addition to that, there are opinions that Teshuva mainly attracts criminals and drug addicts. This kind of prejudice probably exists due to various Breslover Ba’al Teshuva movements known for members who don’t necessarily enjoy a good reputation.
Teshuva has many facets and my Teshuva is definitely not your Teshuva. Everyone has his own process, faces his personal difficulties and struggles.
Nevertheless, Teshuva doesn’t only apply to secular Jews but to frum Jews as well. The most religious Jew can still be far away from a close relationship with G-d. Wearing a long skirt or a black hat as well as a strict Mitzvot observance doesn’t automatically stand for a strong connection with the Creator. Maybe on a halachic level but definitely not on a deeper level beyond Halacha.
So, how does a frum Jew repent?
When he is trying to deepen his relationship with G-d. When he doesn’t only carry out Mitzvot because it says so but when he does so with his heart and soul.

3 thoughts on “Frum Jews do Teshuva too

  1. well said miriam the outer body clothed in materialistic fashion cares not for the esscence of ha-shem but only dictates a staement of position,,the inner of ones self is the dictorate of your spiritual place even the most religiose jew is not perfect for we are all human and each of us should do teshuva,,,even if it is of the smallest nature and to someone else may seem mundane of an avera could be huge to someone else and no avera is too small or too big before ha-shem to correct and learn from ones flaw is what ha-shem seeks from us,,and no one is exempt from this rabbi alon anava said one in an online shiurim that you cannot judge a book by its cover,,,because someone may look religiose but inside may be full of avears and someone may not look religiose but inside may be pure and only ha-shem knows,,,b-h

  2. B”H

    I have had this experience many times: People look frum but, as soon as they start talking, it turns out that they are anything but religious. 🙂 However, they vehemently fight for their position and, at the same time, accuse others of not being on the same level as them.

  3. Miriam, obviously this happens in all religions, those who claim to be very strong in their beliefs and the moment one looks beyond the outer shell, one finds nothing but falsehood. At times this fact makes me very sad and even leads me to tears of sorrow. But it is not difficult to see the truth when our true love is G-d (HaShem)

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