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Q&A: “Did we still use Mazzot last Shabbat?”

One of my blog readers sent me the following question:
I have this question for you in Israel:
As Pesach ends tomorrow (Friday night), then one won’t have the chance to bake anything chametz for Shabat. So, do you still use matzot for kidush/hamotzi through Shabat ?
Can one receive bread from a non-Jew ?
The questions refers to last week when Pessach (Passover) ended with the incoming Shabbat. As soon as Shabbat started, there was no more Pessach in Israel. However, Jews living in the Diaspora only finished their Pessach on Mozzaei Shabbat (Saturday night).
You are absolutely right and there definitely was a problem with fresh Challot last Shabbat. I assume that most Israeli Jews still said HaMotzi over their Mazzot. Those people selling their Chametz before Pessach could have used old Challot or buns for making HaMotzi. But who wants to eat old stuff without heating it up? 🙂
Nevertheless, we were able to prepare food for Shabbat because there was an Eruv Tavshilin before the seventh day of Pessach holiday (Chag) began. Thus we were able to cook on Friday by lighting the stove (in case one has a gas stove) from an existing flame. Otherwise, as I said, most people probably still used Mazzot.
The first thing Israelis do as soon as Pessach is over: They start searching for fresh bread. Most bakeries start their work immediately and are sold out early in the morning.
Bread from non – Jews? I don’t really think that any religious Jew would accept such bread. Not when it was baked by Gentiles. Moreover, I think that religious Jews usually sell their Chametz and they don’t necessarily hand it over to Gentiles.

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