Israel’s Yom HaShoah – Holocaust Remembrance Day

This year’s Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) is going to start at 8 pm tomorrow. Days before Yom HaShoah, the Israeli media starts extensive Holocaust reporting. Survivors and second generation children are being interviewed. There are lots of documentaries on TV and this week’s atmosphere can be called “sad”.
The annual Yom HaShoah is always depressing but still, most Israelis say that the commemoration is extremely important. Of course, there have been plenty of other pogroms. In the Middle Ages, for instance, when the church brutally tortured and killed thousands of Jews and burnt the Talmud. Anything hinting to the false Messiah J. had to be eradicated. The church wanted to maintain it’s false ideology and the Jews were the living proof of how wrong Christianity is.
When we take a look at our world today, what do we see?
The same anti- Semitism. Nothing has changed but Gentiles use a different tactic: They criticize Israel and they don’t really say that they are anti-Semites. Not that they know a lot of what is really going on in Israel but they think that they have a right to judge. At the same time, they justify Arab terror. A current example is the British Labour Party
as well as a Muslim Nottingham City city councilor
England can be very proud of itself appointing Muslim mayors and councilors. It won’t take too long and they are going to elect a Muslim PM.
It isn’t only England but all over Europe, governments give in to Muslim residents and migrants. In order to prevent Muslim riots and terror attacks in their own countries, European politicians prefer to condemn Israel and go along with Sharia law.
Also the church hasn’t changed and will always hate the Jews. Every single Jew reminds the church of it’s false ideology and faked historical events.
In Israel, all shops and restaurants will be closed by 6 pm tomorrow evening. At 8 pm, the commemoration event taking place at the Holocaust Museum Yad Vashem will be broadcasted on all Israeli TV channels.
Thursday morning at 10 PM: A nationwide siren sound can be heard and everyone stands still.
Now we can argue whether it is right or wrong that various Haredim don’t stand when the sirens start. Someone from Karlin-Stolin once told me that he stands in public but when he is at home, he sits and reads Tehillim (Psalms). An Erloi woman once told me the same.
The question is: “Do we really have to stand for the siren?” In public probably yes but when I am at home, I also sit and read Tehillim. While reading Tehillim, I feel that, at least, I am doing something and that I am not only standing around looking.
Another question is: “Whether the Arabs should stand when we hear the sirens?”
The Arabs don’t stand but do whatever they like. Some even mock Jews who are listening to the siren sound. Some Arabs start yelling and laughing.

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