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What secular Israelis hate when it comes to Haredim

How do secular Israelis react when you ask them about haredi society? Now you probably think that the secular hate Haredim because many of them don’t go to the army and are seen as “Parasites”. As people who do nothing but to squeeze social benefit and child allowance out of the state’s budget.
When you think this way, you are right but also wrong. I spoke to a lot of Israelis within the past two months and I have to say that most of them stated that they hate haredi kids staring at them. Not looking at them but staring. Staring with their eyes wide open and staring for an endless amount of time.
Another thing Israeli seculars hate is that many Haredim given them the feeling that they (the Haredim) are better than anybody else. More holy doing Mitzvot, more kosher, more this and more that. Especially the younger Haredi generation including the kids would show such a behaviour towards the outside world. Everyone else is garbage but they (Mea Shearim) are so terribly holy.
What also really bothers the secular world is the haredi refusal to study English, maths, biology, physics, chemistry, you name it, in school. Nobody understands why people choose to to live an uneducated life when Rabbis like the Rambam, the Vilna Gaon, the Ramban, etc. were to educated. There were rabbinic scientists, doctors, psychologists, great thinkers and great minds. So, what has become of the frum society when haredi guys hardly manage easy mathematical tasks?
Do I agree? I certainly do in some cases. I think that everyone needs to have an education. G-d gave us a certain amount of intellect and our task is to use it in a positive way. Only last week or the week before, a frum guy was arrested because he had raped one or more girls by telling them that he does so because Rabbi Kanievsky stated such and such a ruling. Years ago, a Vishnitzer guy walked through the community in Bnei Brak demanding from young woman to have sex with him. He told them that the Rebbe sent him and, as these woman were engaged and soon getting married, he (the guy) has to show them how to have sex. Believe it or not, the girls went for it.
Especially these kind of situations raise the question whether the girls have an education. I mean, how can one believe such statements?

9 thoughts on “What secular Israelis hate when it comes to Haredim

  1. You cannot compare the likes of our holy sages such as mentioned above to today’s modern secular world, where these great sages still lived isolate lives, which, of course, was the right path. The secular Jews hate those who are extremely observant, just because of that. The chareidim were really ‘religious’ years back before the world went bonkers. They have gone extreme and I believe the attitudes of the State and upsurge of secularism has been the cause (chareidi defense mechanism). The ignorance of the secular Jew in all matters Torah and Judaism together with propaganda against Torah has brought the whole matter to pure sinat chinam, on both sides. The solution is for the chareidim to go back to normal ultra religious and for the secular to learn they are Jews first and become somewhat observant, at least. The middle road in everything is the right road! No one has the right to force secularism on these chareidim, as long as they live within their own communities. The Amish in the US live their lives as they please. It is the hatred for one another which is our greatest sin.

  2. B”H

    Unfortunately, many secular Jews see themselves as Israelis first and, later on, as Jewish. However, it is not so much the secular hating haredi society but, according to my opinion, it is the Reform movement.

  3. Obviously any kind of hatred is against G-d’s commands. But since that seems to be one of the greatest and most difficult of all His ways, I suppose there really is no solution because it is absolutely impossible to force anyone not to hate and instead to love, ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE, but it most definitely is possible, for those who are aware of this fact and yet wish to honor The Most High, The Creator of all that is, G-d, to live as though it were possible not to hate those who are different and to live as though we can live together and not judge those whose hearts we can not know. The haredim are a OK and so are the secular Jews even though in reality they are not. It is a true shame that secular Jews do not understand that G-d and all Israely Hebrews have a covenant that of course includes the Haredim and that the Covenant should be understood and followed by all living in Israel

  4. You are probably right; the Reform Movement has been a makah on the Jewish people. Their goal is to undo Yiddishkeit altogether and become one with the nations, c’v.

  5. B”H

    @ Antonio

    It shouldn’t be that way and this is what we also should learn from the Book of Ruth. Even her great – grandson King David was constantly bashed by various Jews when they told him that he is not really Jewish.
    As a matter of fact, he was, as, according to the Torah, only male Moabites are prohibited to marry a Jew.

    However, where you find different Jews, you always find different opinions and politics. 🙂

    • Miriam, how horrible that what you say applies to all, and I mean all, groups of human beings. But my trust is in G-d and I know He is in charge, no matter the appearances. I do wish and pray the hatred in the world were not as palpable as it is, but my trust is in G-d

  6. B”H

    Already some time ago, I purchased this biography of Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch


    It is a great book and I will write about it’s content. However, all the time I start to read it, I am getting so upset that I have to put the book aside.

    It is not only a biography about Rabbi Hirsch but also a great historical description about the German Reform movement. About Frankfurt and other Reform Jews who brutally attacked Orthodox Jews. Who even turned Orthodox Jews in to the German or Eastern European authorities. Quite a few Jews were killed due to the bashing.

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