Palestinians / Terror

Arab arson all over Israel

I live near the so – called “Peace Forest” in Jerusalem. Located between the Abu Tur and Arnona neighbourhoods at the Jerusalem Promenade (Tayelet).
Over and over again, Arab kids from the nearby Arab neighbourhoods light fires in the Peace Forest. They do so deliberately and once I saw a young Arab mother wearing a Hijab, who was walking with her kids through the forest. The kids started a fire and after a while, the mother and her kids just walked away leaving the fire. The fire started spreading and I called the fire department. Either the Arab kids start fires or they torture stray dogs living in the forest.
Last Shabbat our neighbourhood had another “show” in the afternoon. Everyone was out on the balcony watching a huge fire in the forest. It was pretty windy and the fire spread within minutes. Trees and bushes went of in flames and where there once was weed, we now see empty black spots.
I don’t know who started the fire but we all guess. 🙂
The fire department arrived with ten engines but the workers were slow and the fire continued to spread. In the end, the fire fighters extinguished the fire but then, two yellow planes started encircling the area. Suddenly they came down one after the other and bombarded the forest with some sort of red powder.
Well, this was our Shabbat afternoon entertainment. 🙂



Photo: Miriam Woelke

The photo doesn’t show the entire damage done to the forest but only a small part of it. 
Here are further information on Arab arsonists:

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