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The Hebrew Book Week 2016

The annual Hebrew Book Week will be taking place from 15 – 25 June. In Tel Aviv, you can find the book fair on Rabin Square. In front of the municipality building. The location in Jerusalem will be the Old Train Station near Derech Hebron Street. 
Most books are in Hebrew but there is also a small variety of English literature. Talking about myself: I am only interested in religious books. Chassidic history etc. And this is the reason why I only buy from one exhibitor: The Zalman Shazar Institute. At least some of their books are really great. 
Ebooks are not that popular in Israel. Maybe because Amazon doesn’t offer any Hebrew books on the Kindle. Some people told me that Israelis still prefer to hold a book in their hands. Especially when it comes to children and teenagers. 
The International Book Fair taking place every two years is losing more and more customers. The Hebrew Book Week, however, is always packed. 
Here are a few impressions from last year:

2 thoughts on “The Hebrew Book Week 2016

  1. omg miriam if i was theer i would go crazy i always go to book fairs and try to find good books on chassidus and zohar and writings especially from rav nachman waw i wish ic ould buy some of these thanks so much for the post…

  2. B”H

    The Zalman Shazar Institute offers a lot of chassidic history. According to “dry” facts and not necessarily according to some holy wishful thinking thoughts.
    When I am saying this I am referring to some chassidic groups who only mention all kinds of positive things but leave out the rest. 🙂
    My favourite authors whose books I like to buy are David Assaf, Moshe Idel, Rachel Elior or Yitzchak Alfassi (Chassid Gur and Tel Aviv University Professor).

    There are plenty of good book bargains but one also has to be careful: Most Hebrew novels sold by Steimatzky and others and not much cheaper than usual. However, frum books are definitely cheaper. 🙂

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