Palestinians / Terror

Arabs mocking Jewish terror victims

Especially Americans should realize the danger of Arab terror. Sometimes it seems as if 9 / 11 wasn’t enough. The Muslim world has been making jokes about the gay club massacre in Orlando. Gays don’t count in Islam and you just need to look at various photos showing ISIS terrorists throwing Muslim gays out of windows or from rooftops.
The same terror victim bashing has been taking place in Israel for decades. As soon as Jews die in a terror attack, Palestinians celebrate. By the way, they were also celebrating while the Twin Towers were still burning.
It doesn’t come as a surprise that the Arab world is celebrating the two terrorists shooting Israelis at the Sarona Market in Tel Aviv last Wednesday


And here you can see what Israeli Arabs think of terror attacks on Jews



Please note: Arab Israelis are those Palestinians who possess a blue Israeli ID card and receive all the benefits such as child allowance, unemployment benefit, state pension, etc. On the other hand, they want the Jews to be killed.


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