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How leading Nazis converted to Islam and the fate of Iraqi Jewry


Countless people love to boycott Israel and show their hatred towards Jews. In their eyes, all Palestinians are the “good guys” and Israelis are nothing but evil occupiers. Why do Christians who make such severe anti – Semitic claims still bother to go to church? When they don’t believe that there were two Temples in Jerusalem and that G – d promised the Land to the Jews. Why bother and not convert to Islam instead?

What I didn’t know: That quite a few leading Nazis converted to Islam after the Second World War.

What I do know and what I like to mention all the time:

No one talks about Jewish refugees but only about Palestinian refugees camps. No one talks about the expulsion of the Jews from Arab countries. This took place after the State of Israel came into existence.

4 thoughts on “How leading Nazis converted to Islam and the fate of Iraqi Jewry

  1. I myself as a devout Christian, have absolutely no understanding whatsoever about how is it possible for any Christian to be anti Semitic. Please believe me, there is no way to explain that except to say that they are not true Christians, and I am saying this about those that have thought of themselves as Christians from the beginning of Christianity. I am very grateful to G-d for the fact that now there are many christian organizations that stand fully with Israel and all Jewish people. All of us actually wish blessings on all of you, we do believe what we call The Old Testament just as much as what we call the New Testament. We pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

  2. B”H

    Well, I think that these people don’t even think about what they are saying:

    If the Palestinians had the right to be in Israel (and only them), so what about the Torah and the Prophets?

    The Palestinians themselves fake their history all the time. First they claimed to come from the ancient Philistines and when historians proved them wrong, they claimed that they are of Canaanite origin.

  3. There is a person I know, and in every way he is a very good person except in the part where he believes with all his heart in what I consider, “a World Conspiracy Theory”. He and these people have, what I believe with all my heart to be, a truly distorted view, understanding, mindset of reality. I honestly and with sorrow in my heart, don’t think this distortion, this mental aberration, can be fixed. My friend is cogent and balanced in every other subject except in thin one of believing that there is a worldwide conspiracy to control the world, and for whatever reason (i believe it is satanic in nature and that the source is satan)the Jewish people are, in their minds, at the core of the leaders of that consortium. Having this world conspiracy view, makes it easy for them to not believe any proof to the contrary of what they believe to be the truth and that means that in their eyes, the palestinians are the good guys and the israelis the bad guys

  4. B”H

    People believing this should be living in my neighbourhood for a couple of weeks. When stones are flying, cars are being set on fire and Molotov Cocktails are exploding on the rooftops.

    However, it has been quite for the past couple of weeks. I have to admit.
    But my landlady told me that Molotow Cocktails are flying again in the nearby neighbourhood of Armon HaNatziv.

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