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Netanyahu closing the Temple Mount for Jews and Tourists

Yesterday, Bibi Netanyahu announced a new agreement between Israel and the Turkish dictator Erdogan. Israel will pay about $ 20 million compensation to Turkey. This “compensation” is being paid to a Muslim dictator who allowed extreme anti – Semitic liberals and terrorists to sail to Gaza. We all remember the “Marmara”. A ship sailing from Turkey to Gaza in order to support Hamas and Arab terrorism against the State of Israel.
The Israeli navy stopped the ship and got physically attacked by the anti – Semites. And now Netanyahu is willing to pay millions of dollars to Turkey for the so – called “Marmara victims”. Victims who are terrorists and who were ready to kill Jews. This is our world today. I just wonder whether Netanyahu would also pay compensation to the families of Arab suicide bombers.
Yesterday was a bad day for Israel and the population is more than upset about the stupid deal with Turkey. In return, Erdogan promised to fight ISIS and take care of the Iranian threat. Who wants to believe that?
The Turkey deal wasn’t enough – now the Palestinians, despite all their daily terror attacks on Israelis, receive the Temple Mount. Jews and tourists are not allowed to enter the Temple Mount for the next few days of Ramadan. Who cares about Ramadan and what the Muslims want? Islam has no connection, whatsoever, to Israel and Jerusalem. The Koran doesn’t even mention Jerusalem once.
How can the entire world be so stupid and give in to Muslim threats? Has everyone gone insane?
Frum Jews may argue that this is the time before Meshiach but this particular time, when everything seems to go down the drain, drives me really nuts. I just hope that Meshiach will be coming soon …
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3 thoughts on “Netanyahu closing the Temple Mount for Jews and Tourists

  1. miriam b-h shalom you know sometimes i wonder does bibi do the things he does because of western pressures ?? or is he literally loosing his mind? when we daven for our leaders on holidays or in general and then wake up on a daily basis to see rulings like this it really makes you wonder doesnt it?

  2. B”H

    Of course there is a lot of western pressure involved. People say that the EU was pushing Netanyahu into the Turkey deal. Bibi likes to talk a lot but he doesn’t have any guts at all. He never stands up but always gives in.

    There is a rumour going around in Israel that some Israeli politicians may know a secret about Netanyahu. That someone has something in his hands against the Prime Minister and this is why Bibi gives in all the time.

    • miriam that is an interesting thought im inclined to think his heart is in the right place but for reasons most of us dont know he is always giving in instead of standing up in the case of knowing right from wrong it really makes you wonder why he chooses the latter all the time,,,and then sit back and wonder if he ever did stand up and stand his ground on all issues pertaining to our people and our land what is he so worried about would be the loss?? what is it he is afraid of??,,,

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