Anti - Jewish / Christian Missionaries / Church

How Christian missionaries try to destroy Judaism

I haven’t found the time to write about it but, nevertheless, I still deal with the terrible topic called “Christian missionaries in Israel”.
A few weeks ago, a vicious Baptism ceremony found it’s way into the headlines. Christian missionaries intended to baptize Jews ON A SHABBAT!!! Can you imagine? On a Shabbat!!!
What could be more vicious then that? With this, the missionaries were spitting into G – d’s “face”.
Various Jews going to this ceremony didn’t even know what was going on. Some said that they were told that there would be a Shabbat meal. Others were told that there are people who want to help them financially, etc.
It is a disgrace how Christian missionaries run after Jewish Holocaust survivors in order to get them into idol – worship.
Many people may ask: “Why does the Israeli government allow the Christian missionary infiltration into Israel?”
Just look at the famous case of “Kever David – The tomb of King David” on Mount Zion in Jerusalem. I hardly ever go there because the place is full of Christian tourists. Inside the building as well as outside in the yard. And there is a church right next to the place where the tomb is.
Actually, it was the Catholic church claiming that this very location on Mount Zion would be King David’s tomb. Although there is no official proof, Jews like to go there and consider the grave as a kind of tradition. It may be David’s real grave or not but it has become a tradition. However, the entire building complex as well as Mount Zion belongs to the Catholic church. This alone makes King David turn around in his grave.
So, why does Bibi Netanyahu let Christian missionaries enter Israel?
The answer is short and simple: Because his LIKUD party as well as Naftali Bennett’s BAYIT YEHUDI party receive plenty of Christian donation money.
And, last but not least, the Presbytarian church shows it’s hatred towards Israel and thus denies the Torah.

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