Off - the - Derech

Jerusalem Chassid eating with Christian family

For the past two years I have been wondering quite often about how a Mea Shearim – like Chassid coming to our neighbourhood on a regular basis. He walks right into the house of a Christian family and has a meal on their balcony. A Chassid with a white knitted Breslov / Toldot Aharon Kipa but without any Na Nach written on it. He wears black socks and rather looks like Toldot Aharon. However, he could also be Breslov. 
He usually comes alone. Once I saw his wife sitting in the car waiting for him. She never entered the house of the Christian family. This American Christian family works for the UN and supports Palestinians. As a matter of fact, the family moved away more than half a year ago and our building complex was quite happy about that. Now they are back for a visit and the Chassid was already here last night. They had a barbecue on the balcony. 
So, there the Chassid is. Eating treife food and enjoying himself. My guess is that he must be one of those Anusim. Haredim looking haredi from the outside but don’t care about religion anymore. 
Usually I don’t care about such people, as it is their life. But this Chassid showing up all the time gives Toldot Aharon, Breslov, Toldot Avaraham Yitzchak or whatever group a very bad reputation. Looking Mea Shearim and then eating treife food with Christians. 

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