Adam HaRishon

How did Cain kill his brother Abel (Hevel)?

This is not a text for those who love biblical conspiracy theories. 🙂
What it is, is an interesting thought even Midrashim and the Talmud discuss.
When the Torah states that Cain killed his brother Abel (Hebrew: Hevel), not too many people think about the HOW and WHY.  No human being was murdered until then and how could Cain possibly know how to kill his brother? And what caused him to do so? 
We find different opinions in the Midrash and in the Aggadot (Legends). The most famous theory states that Cain killed his brother because he was jealous. Apparently G – d liked Hevel’s sacrifice much more than Cain’s. Thus Cain got upset and killed his brother. Other commentators say that Hevel walked over Cain’s field who had just planted something on his field. Hevel walked over it and thus destroyed a few plants. 
And how did Cain kill his brother ?
Some commentators state that he slew Hevel with a stick or a stone. Cain didn’t know how to do this and thus hit his brother all over the body. 
According to other commentators as well as the Talmud, Cain bit his brother to death. It appears that he saw animals killing each other and just copied their way. 
We should not forget that Hevel was far from being the great poor guy. As a matter of fact, he wasn’t that great either and it can be that he repeatedly provoked his brother. Or maybe he just made fun of him. 

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