Book of Isaiah (Yeshayahu)

A few words about the Book of Isaiah (ספר ישעיה)

If there is something like a coincidence, then one definitely happened to me a week ago. However, in Judaism we know there is no such thing like a coincidence. In this case it must have been divine providence. Anyway, I got hold of this great Artscroll commentary “The Book of Isaiah”. A brand new edition someone didn’t need anymore. I got it for free.  🙂
People who are interested in purchasing the book, have to pay $ 32 on Amazon. The book is worth the money though!
The famous Prophet Isaiah (Hebrew: Yeshaya or Yeshayahu) propheciesed between 619 – 533 B.C.E. He referred to the Kingdom of Yehudah whereas his contemporary, the Prophet Hoshea, referred to the northern Kingdom. Isaiah was killed by his own grandson, King Menashe.  
In all those 654 years from the Exodus to Isaiah prophecies, no other Prophet had ever spoken about the Jews losing their own country. Instead, previous Prophets had warned against enemy invasion (e.g. the Assyrians). Until the days of Isaiah, G – d threatened the sinful Jews with invasion and not with destruction.  
It says that King Uzziahu used to be a successful king until he became arrogant. He even burnt the Ketoret (incense offering) in the Beit HaMikdash (Temple). A Mitzvah only the Cohen HaGadol (High Priest) was meant to carry out. Soon after, the Prophet Isaiah warned the people against the loss of their Land.
Although Isaiah predicted a lot of negative events, he always made it very clear that Meshiach will come to restore Israel to the Torah and its Land and that all nations will acknowledge Israel as their spiritual guide. The book ends with the conclusion: No matter how much Israel seems to be lost, it will always remain G – d’s Chosen People. 
Isaiah’s prophecies took place at a time when the First Temple was still around. Thus, the people felt save and didn’t care too much about Isaiah’s warnings. Nobody listened to him and most people just continued with whatever they did.
People’s behaviour hasn’t really changed since then. 🙂

2 thoughts on “A few words about the Book of Isaiah (ספר ישעיה)

  1. shalom miriam last month i finished nach yomi isaih im now in jeremiah and i loved isaih and i thought the same thing thru out the whole of it that today nothing much has changed actually it seems far worse the averas of our people not only in israel but in the diaspora and you would think that we would look to the past and learn our lessons and yet as you see today we havnt its enough to make anyone cry

  2. B”H

    Yirmeyahu (Jeremia) is always very depressing. This is why Isaiah is referred to as a “comforter”. He also predicts a lot of negative events but, at the same time, gives hopes. 🙂

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