Baalei Teshuva / Chassidut Breslov / Crime

Rabbi Berland standing trial in Israel

Well, he is back in Israel and standing trial now: Rabbi Eliezer Berland who ran away a couple of years ago. The Israeli police were after him, as the Rabbi of Israel’s largest Breslover Baal Teshuva movement was accused of rape
He is back and immediately his followers started to claim that the Rabbi is old and sick. He doesn’t do any harm and thus, there is no need for him to go to jail.
My advice:
Never ever join any of these Israeli Breslover Ba’ale’i Teshuva movements. Rabbi Nachman is not important to those self – appointed Rabbis but the only thing they do, is promoting themselves and collecting $$$ donations. It is not a Baal Teshuva movement but a cult!

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