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Israeli government is planning to import foreign high tech workers

For the past couple of months a rumour has been spreading: The Israeli high tech field is lacking qualified workers. At the same time, a lot of qualified IT employees are getting fired and thus are forced to go to the unemployment office. Many of them state that, despite sending out a lof of CVs, they are unable to find a new job.
Now the Israeli government is planning to allow IT specialists from all over the world to work in Israel. Yesterday I spoke with someone who is working in this field and he told me that the salary, Israeli companies are supposed to pay to foreign IT workers, is low. Only cheap workers from India or the far East would work for a monthly high tech salary of 20,000 Shekels (approx. $ 5300 gross).
The reason for the import of foreign workers is not a lack of qualified techies but Israeli companies want to cut costs. Thus they prefer cheap labour instead of employing Israelis.
However, there is a high tech field where qualified employees are desperately needed: The Israeli army as well as private companies dealing in security matters, need qualified programmers, specialists, etc. None of them would ever employ a foreigner but Israeli citizens only. The products such as computer programmes for tanks, missiles, etc. are too delicate and someone working in this field needs a special clearance. Not even Olim Chadashim (new Jewish immigrants) have a chance to get a job in this field unless they meet specific security expectations.

2 thoughts on “Israeli government is planning to import foreign high tech workers

  1. 😦 It’s the same the world over. Everyone is trying to cut costs and get more profit rather than take care of the workers they have. In the UK it’s usually done by ‘outsourcing’ to a company in India. Almost all of our customer call centres are based there, illegal Eastern European immigrants and even some of the legal ones, are being hired because they will work for much less than the native Brits. I don’t know what the solution is, but for a prospective oleh like me, it’s very depressing.

  2. B”H

    The same is taking place in Germany. Many Germans say that this is the reason why Angela Merkel lets in all the migrants. In order to provide cheap labour.

    I just didn’t expect this to happen in Israel. Of course, there are quite a few illegal Palestinian workers coming from the territories every day. Not to forget the thousand illegal Africans cleaning hotels or working in odd jobs. However, the high tech industry has always been totally Israeli.

    If any foreign workers are coming, their Israeli co – workers won’t treat them nicely.

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