How about restaurants taking care of their own Kashrut?

It has become a kind of a fashion in Jerusalem: Various restaurant owners refuse to pay the Rabbanut (Chief Rabbinate) a lot of money. Instead, so their claim, they want to take care of their own Kashrut. They are not open on Shabbat and food as well as ingredients would be kosher. The only thing missing is the Hechsher (Kosher Certificate) from the Chief Rabbinate.
Does this work and can Jews who keep kosher rely on this?
Of course not because we simply don’t know what is going on in the kitchen. Whether Gentiles turn on the stove or from where the owner bought the ingredients, meat, etc.
Okay, some people may think that this sounds too exaggerated. The truth of the matter is that, unfortunately, a lot of non – kosher restaurant owners all over Jerusalem hang out false kosher certificates. Just in order to attract more customers.
Recently, a Mashgiach (Kashrut expert) from the Chief Rabbinate found spices containing shrimp powder. He found this in a kitchen of a certain restaurant. Owner and kitchen staff hadn’t even bothered to check what their ingredients contain. The shrimp powder was listed on the back of the package.
So, this is what comes out when unprofessional people mess around with their so – called “kosher” food. However, there are cases where the best supervision doesn’t mean anything. This is why many frum Jews only eat at home. It is cheaper and they know what is inside of the food.

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