Bein HaMetzarim / Tisha be'Av

Not showering during the Nine Days?

A blog reader wrote:

I remember what you wrote a while ago about Ashkenazim not showering during the days up to Tisha be’Av, and being sweaty (even smelly). But I recently read what is transcripted below (from Halacha Yomit), so you will know that one needed never to be so.

“Nevertheless, even according to the Ashkenazi custom, if one lives in a place where the climate is hot, such as in Israel, or if one sweats profusely for whatever reason, one may wash his body with water that is not hot even during the week during which Tisha Be’av falls out. The reason for this is because the Ashkenazim only accepted these stringencies upon themselves in their countries, which had cooler climates; this is especially true since personal hygiene is very important.”

I may be a considered a heathen but, nevertheless, I shower. It is summertime in Israel. Meaning, at least 30 degrees Celsius (86 F) on a daily basis. So, it is pretty hot in Jerusalem. Not as humid as in Tel Aviv or Haifa but still … People sweat and the air conditions are running nonstop. 🙂
I am sorry but I need my daily shower. 🙂

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