Cofix competes with Super Pharm

We all know the 5 Shekel coffee chains Cofix and Cofizz. They are all over the place. In Tel Aviv, Jerusalem or Ramat Gan. The two chains sell any item for 5 Shekels only: Cake, coffee, juices, ice – coffee, soups, alcohol, rice, spaghetti, etc.
Israelis love it cheap because the costs of living are extremely high. And who wants to waste too much money for a good cup of coffee? The regular chains such as Hillel, The Coffee Bean and others sell overpriced coffee and cake. They are a total rip – off and the result was that Hillel had to close quite a few branches. Whether on Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv or on Hillel Street in Jerusalem. These branches don’t exist anymore.
As soon as the cheap coffee chains opened their doors more than two years ago, people have never stopped buying. The coffee from Cofix and Cofizz is great and there is no need to go to another place. However, I have to admit that I prefer to drink my cup of coffee at home. šŸ™‚ I sometimes go to Aroma (a more expensive chain but really good) or to Cofix and Cofizz.
About a year ago, Cofix opened a 5 Shekel supermarket in Tel Aviv. I think in the Florentin neighbourhood. Unfortunately, this kind of supermarket has never made it to Jerusalem.
This week, Cofix is launching a brand new store where toilet paper, diapers, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, shower gel, etc. are being sold. A great idea, as Israelis usually spend a fortune on those items. The most famous drugstore is called Super Pharm. You can find their branches anywhere in the country. The problem is that Super Pharm is a total rip off. Far too expensive and I don’t understand people buying there. I buy shower gel, shampoo, detergents, etc. from the discounters Rami Levi and Osher Ad. The products are still expensive but cheaper than Super Pharm.
Cofix wants to compete with Super Pharm and opened a new drugstore called GOOD PHARM. All products are being sold for 10 Shekels or less.
The first Good Pharm branch is located in Tel Aviv but Cofix is planning another 25 branches all over the country. Hopefully Jerusalem is among those places. This is what we need because the majority of the residents doesn’t have much money. We need cheaper goods and not overpriced stuff. So, hopefully Good Pharm will be coming to Jerusalem soon! šŸ™‚
Here is an Israeli TV report about Good Pharm. They compare Good Pharm and Super Pharm prices. Good Pharm is much cheaper but there are still a few items that cost less at Super Pharm.



2 thoughts on “Cofix competes with Super Pharm

  1. Miriam, I feel like crying when I read how expensive it is to live in Israel. I do understand but if as this article says there are companies that do sell many things at reasonable prices, I can’t understand why the big companies don’t reduce theirs. I hope Cofizz and Cofix and Coffee Express do succeed and expand to Jerusalem

  2. B”H

    The problem is that there is no real competition in Israel. If we had Walmart or other discounter from abroad, things could be very different.

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