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Isaiah (Sefer Yeshayahu) 43 – Who are the Blind and Deaf?

In chapter 43:1 – 8, the Prophet Isaiah (Yeshayahu) refers to the Jewish Redemption (Hebrew: Ge’ulah). It would be great if we knew when exactly Meshiach is coming but, unfortunately, we don’t have any date. Our task is to pray for the Redemption but this can be extremely hard sometimes.  🙂
In 43:1 – 8, Isaiah (Yeshayahu) refers to the messianic era. At least according to most commentators. However, there are some commentators such as Ibn Ezra who consider the verses 1 – 8 to be a description of the defeat of Babylon by the Persians and Medians. The famous Radak refers to it as the defeat of Sennacheriv. Nevertheless, the Abarbanel states that the verses refer to events in all these eras. 
In verse 43:5, the Prophet talks about the future. Over and over again, G – d promises to protect the Jews from all dangers. In the past as well as in the future. Isaiah talks about the Ingathering of the Exiles.  In the pre – messianic or messianic era, most Diaspora Jews will return to Israel. 
In verse 43:8, Isaiah (Yeshayahu) talks about the “liberation of people who are blind though they have eyes, and deaf though they have ears”. 
In the past I heard a lot of Christians as well as their churches claiming that the Jews are blind and deaf because they refuse to accept the messiah J. However, I cannot say whether these Christians took their claim from this verse in Isaiah where the Prophet refers to the blind and the deaf. If this is the case, I want to tell you the true meaning of 43:8.
The commentators Radak and Rashi state that the blind and deaf are actually the Jews living in the Diaspora. These Jews would be blind and deaf, as they don’t see and hear what G – d wants from them: To live in Israel and keep the Mitzvot of the Land of Israel. As soon as Meshiach will be on his way, most Diaspora Jews will return to Israel. 
So, this verse has nothing to do with Christianity or bashing the Jewish nation but it refers to Diaspora Jewry. 

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