Hebrew – English for New Immigrants (Olim)


The Israeli TV news broadcast a lot of reports on US Jews making Aliyah. The widespread Israeli opinion is: Those Jews making Aliyah move to Israel due to Zionist reasons. However, they have to prove that they really want to stay and are able to make a living.
The truth of the matter is that a lot of new immigrants (Olim) return to the States after a while. Why? There is a variety of reasons:
  1. The Hebrew language
  2. The crazy Israeli mentality
  3. People cannot find a job or make a living
  4. Life in Israel is extremely expensive
  5. Many Olim miss their family in the States or elsewhere. Especially grandparents miss their remaining grandchildren in the States.
Israelis say: “Lets talk about it after two or three years and see whether the new immigrants are still in Israel!”

4 thoughts on “Hebrew – English for New Immigrants (Olim)

  1. Making a living and having enough to take with me is pretty much the only thing stopping me from going. I want to make aliyah because I’m Jewish and that’s where I should be, but if I don’t get help with parnassah, I’d have to come back to the UK 😦 I wonder sometimes if I’ll *ever* get there.

  2. B”H

    I don’t know whether Nefesh be’Nefesh is also in charge of the UK. I suppose not, as I only hear about them bringing in Jews from the US and Canada.

    The problem is that no one would help you with Parnassah. You have to work and, if necessary, in several jobs. Welfare money would not be enough to pay the rent in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv.

    What you could do is to come hear on a trip and check out whether you can find a job.

  3. B”H

    To Yvette, this is from their website:

    “Aliyah. Simplified.

    Thinking about making Aliyah and moving to Israel?

    Nefesh B’Nefesh in cooperation with the Israeli government and The Jewish Agency for Israel, is dedicated to revitalizing Aliyah from the USA, Canada and the UK by removing or minimizing the financial, professional, logistical and social obstacles of Aliyah and the move to Israel.”

    Had you not known ?

  4. B”H

    The obstacles are being removed or minimized. No doubt about it. But …. And now comes a long BBBBUUUTTTTTT.

    As long as the monthly Nefesh be’Nefesh cash is rolling in, everything seems to be great. However, as soon as the money runs out, then the problems begin.

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