Workers Rights in Israel

Good to know: Workers Rights in Israel
I have to add that the minimum wage has risen to 4800 Shekels. However, you should be very careful: The monthly minimum wage of 4800 Shekels only applies to employees working eight hours a day. Some companies have already started to let their staff only work for seven hours. This way, they get around the minimum wage law. Example: The Jerusalem Post.
So, if you work full – time but only seven hours per day, you can earn less than 4800 Shekels. And this is even legal.
Before signing a contract, read it carefully. In many cases, companies want to charge a fine in case you leave before the first six months.

4 thoughts on “Workers Rights in Israel

  1. Miriam, I can hardly believe this. Are the lawmakers stupid or are they helping businesses to be unjust by allowing them to reduce the number of hours worked so they can avoid paying the minimum wage demanded by law? This is crazy

  2. B”H

    It doesn’t matter what government we have. Whether it is left or right. All politicians support businesses because they don’t know how it is to run from one job to the next in order to make a living. Netanyahu, for instance, has very close relations with important Israeli business people. So, guess who comes first. 🙂

  3. B”H

    I think it has become a global problem. And, honestly, I don’t see a way out. One reason is that these companies will always find employees. People are too desperate to earn money.

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