Criticism: Nefesh be’Nefesh

It is well – known that, before making Aliyah, Nefesh be’Nefesh likes to tell everybody that Israel is the “Land of Milk and Honey”. This is true. At least as long as you can deal with all the daily problems such as bureaucracy, making a living, high costs of living, learning a new language and getting used to a different mentality. What Nefesh be’Nefesh should do instead is telling people the truth. Tell the truth about life in Israel and don’t create a dreamworld!
I have met a lot of American Olim (Jewish immigrants) who love to call Israelis “rude”. As a matter of fact, Israelis can be rude and loud but this is the Middle East mentality. At the same time, people can be very nice and welcoming.
When Olim call Israelis rude and liars, they should also look at themselves. How many American Olim lie, cheat and behave in a rude and arrogant manner?
Coming back to Nefesh be’Nefesh: Someone told me that about half of the Olim coming with Nefesh be’Nefesh return to the States or Canada after a year or so. There are various reasons why people decide to go back to their former countries. The number one reason may be disappointment. It can be extremely hard to make a living in Israel and people get fed up with hardly having any income.
Someone told me that Nefesh be’Nefesh is great when it comes to bringing Olim over to Israel. However, as soon as they are here, the organization abandons them. The person telling me this said that, as he was facing a lot of difficulties, he went to Nefesh be’Nefesh and they didn’t want to help him.
The guy is not the only one who told me so. On the other hand, no new immigrant should rely on an organization because he has to take care of his own life. It is his responsibility to adjust to the new country and language.

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