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Rabbi Avigdor Miller z”l on “Achievements in this World”

Every generation is different. I, for example grew up in the 80s. Then, older people told us that we are hippies, punks, and don’t don’t show respect to anyone. It was a time without Internet, social media and mobile phones. If you had told someone in the 1980s that there will be a mobile phone (smartphone) you can use for taking pictures or reading the news, people would have thought that you are nuts. This was totally science fiction in those days.
The question is: Did I really belong to such a bad generation?
When I look at the younger generations today, I see people walking around starring at their smartphones. Almost everyone is into social media and defines his entire existence by Likes and Followers / Subscribers.
Personal development Youtuber tell their audience that they should keep away from others who have a negative mindset. Meaning that I should keep away from friends and relatives criticizing me because they only suck away all my positive energy. There are actually people who follow this advice and they are surprised to find themselves without any real friends. It seems that today, the younger generation does anything for success. No matter what.
What we should not be in life in self – centered and egoistic. When we only see ourselves and nobody else anymore. The famous Rabbi Avigdor Miller z”l once said that our purpose in life should be to achieve something. Avoiding problems is not an achievement!
“The life we are given in this world is not for the purpose of avoiding sinning but rather to achieve.”
A man who lives in hiding and separates himself from other humans, can not accomplish anything. You have to do positive things and show others, that doing positive things is possible. This way you inspire yourself and others.


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