Islam in Europe / Rosh Hashana

European Jews are afraid to attend high holiday services

European Jews are afraid to attend a Synagogue. The reason is not the far – right but hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of Muslim migrants living in Europe.
Lets take Germany as an example: When you are looking for a Synagogue in Berlin, Frankfurt or in other places, the first thing you will see outside is a police car. Actually this can be helpful, as you always know where the Synagogue is. 🙂
In Israel we don’t have police cars in front of every Synagogue. During the high holidays, a lot of Synagogues may hire a private security service. The guards at the door have machine guns and sometimes check the people coming to the Synagogue. Example: Jerusalem’s Great Synagogue.
It is sad that the Jews in Europe have to be afraid to enter a Synagogue. On the other hand, I saw on Israeli TV that our government is giving out warnings for those Israelis who are planning to travel around Europe on Rosh Hashana. It said that Israelis should not necessarily wear a Kipah in Europe. They should not have loud conversations in Hebrew and keep a low profile.

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