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There cannot be GOOD without EVIL


Photo: NASA

According to the Jewish calendar, G – d created our world on 25th Elul. This time, the 25th Elul will be next Wednesday (28th September). The birthday of the Earth!
A few days later, on 1st Tishre’i, G – d created mankind. It is the day when we celebrate the New Year Rosh Hashana.
Because of the upcoming famous birthday, I want to write a couple of articles about my favourite topic: Creation and Parashat Bereshit (Genesis).
In other religions such as Christianity, Good and Evil are two entirely different entities with two different roots. Evil comes from the devil and Good comes from G – d. Meaning, that there is a devil in charge of Evil and G – d is in charge of Good.
In Judaism, this concept doesn’t exist. There is only G – d being in charge of everything existing and there is no other creature beside Him. It was G – d alone who created all existence and, according to Judaism, it was G – d who created Good and Evil.
The question is: “Why would G – d create Evil and how could He possibly do so? How could G – d, the epitome of Goodness, create Evil?”
G – d decided to give us a Free Will. We humans have the choice between Good and Evil. We are free to choose and this way, we can get closer to G – d or also distance us from Him. It is up to us whether we walk in His ways or not.
In order to provide us with a Free Will, there has to be a choice. If there was only Good, we would not be able to choose. No choice, no Free Will. We would be robots and just do Good.
G – d had to create Evil in order to give us a choice. 

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