Names of G - d / Q & A

Q & A: “G – d’s Name in Shemot (Exodus) 3:14”


Someone asked me:

How would you translate:
Exodus / Shemot 3:14
אֶ -הְ – יֶ -ה אֲשֶׁר אֶ – הְ – יֶ -ה (E – h – i – y – e asher E – h – i – y – e)



The English translation would be:

I shall be as I shall be

However, there is no definite translation of אֶ -הְ – יֶ -ה (E – h – i – y – e). The Name is a divine Name within itself.

The famous medieval Torah and Talmud commentator Rashi as well as the Or HaChaim commentate that in Exodus 3:14, G – d was referring to the relationship between Him and the Jewish people. No matter what difficulties the Jews face, G – d will always be on their side.

A Midrash states that this Name of G – d is timeless and eternal. Timeless means that G – d has always existed in the past, he exists in the present as well as in the future.  

There is no real answer to this question because there is no real translation. It happens quite a few times that it is impossible to translate Hebrew words from the Torah into any other language. Simple because there is no word for this in other languages. Sometimes a Hebrew word in the Torah can be a whole concept and in order to understand it, one has to learn the Hebrew meaning. 


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