So, what’s new?

The truth of the matter is: There is nothing new.
Believe it or not, I am still busy with my second job. For the past months, I have been hoping to get fired but I never got fired. My first six months are almost over and I will be able to quit.
I have already told you that employees leaving before the first six month, have to pay a fine to the employer. However, this only applies to employees who quit. Not to those who get fired.
This week I am off from my second job, as I took a few vacation days. Paid vacation days. 🙂 This gives me time to think whether I continue or not.
There is also a lot to do right before Rosh Hashana. I definitely want to go to the Kotel for Selichot one night. Furthermore, I have to clean my apartment. Windows, moving furniture, everything. All the time I have been busy working and now I am glad to have some time off.
Jerusalem is busy preparing for Rosh Hashana. Grocery prices are going up and I don’t need to say that a lot of people cannot afford a festive holiday meal. Private and religious organizations hand out food packages to the needy. It is an expensive holiday and another expensive holiday is just around the corner: Sukkot with it’s Arba Minim (Lulav).

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