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Mordechai Kedar: “The history of Syria”

Mordechai Kedar is a well – known expert when it comes to anything concerning the Arab world. He knows about Arab hierarchies and leadership in the Muslim clan world. 
Mordechai Kedar teaches at the famous Bar Ilan University (nearTel Aviv) and gives interviews on Israeli and Palestinian TV channels. The Arabs respect him, as he knows their culture and speaks fluent Arabic.  
In the following video, Mordechai Kedar talks about the history of Syria.
Let us be honest: We all know about what is happening in Syria today but how about the country’s history. When was Syria established and by whom? 



Today’s media hardly knows anything about Middle East history. History doesn’t sell and is too complicated. Who wants to know where the Lebanese terror organization actually comes from and what happened to the once famous Amal terror movement? Who has something to say in the Arab world and what role do all the Muslim clans play? Who reigns Hamas and why has the Iran an interest in Lebanon and Syria? And what about Jordan, the “Palestinian” country?

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