Yom Kippur

Kapparot – A Chicken’s Revenge


I don’t do Kapparot and I am definitely not driving myself crazy. Yom Kippur itself always seems to be so serious and people struggle with their fast. However, in the times of the two Temples, Yom Kippur was a really exciting and happy holiday. The Jews were happy despite all the fasting going on.
Tomorrow morning I am going to do my usual Yom Kippur ritual: I will go to a pharmacy and buy special caffeine tablets. Without taking them before the fast, I am somehow not able to survive the fast anymore. This only started five years ago and a friend of mine loves to say that the difficulties come when we get older. 🙂
I don’t mind Yom Kippur but without the caffeine pills, I would be a wreck. On the other hand, when I take them, I feel like I am on speed. Suddenly I feel so energetic and last year, the Ne’ilah service even seemed to be too short. 🙂
If anyone faces the same problems with the Yom Kippur fast, there are special Yom Kippur Tablets for about 25 Shekels or so. Altogether four tablets and the taste is awful but they do help.

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