Chag Sameach – Happy Sukkot!!!

Photo: Miriam Woelke
Due to Yom Kippur and my work afterwards, I didn’t have time to write any blog posts. Unfortunately, I have to say because I would love to write more about Sukkot in Jerusalem as well as Sukkot in general.
I think that the English name for Sukkot is the “Feast of the Tabernacle”. It is a very big thing in Jerusalem because we have the most festive events. Let alone all the chassidic Tishes in Mea Shearim although most groups only let in their own members. It is simply too crowded and there is no space at all.
Today is only “half” a day in Israel. Meaning, that it is just like a Friday. Shops are only open until the later afternoon and buses will stop running at around the same time. Tomorrow (Monday) is an official holiday in Israel.
Wherever you go in town, plenty of Jews are still busy building their Sukkah (booth). Either on a rooftop, on a balcony or in a yard. A lot of cafes and restaurants also build their own Sukkah. It is a great atmosphere and lets just hope that the Palestinians are not going to riot again. They love doing that when the Jews are celebrating.
So, what’s the weather like?
Still pretty hot with 28 degrees Celsius (approx. 28 Fahrenheit). No rain at sight. I wish it would rain because I haven’t seen a raindrop since the beginning of April. At least the air would be clean again and not so terribly dusty.
I also have to work on Chol HaMoed (the Intermediate Days of Sukkot). So, I cannot really say when and whether I am going to make it to the Kotel (Western Wall). Hopefully on Hoshana Rabbah!
Here are a few links where you can find all kinds of information about Sukkot in Jerusalem. The articles are older but nothing is going to change anyway. 🙂
And here are the famous ARBA MINIM. All details here:

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