Christian Missionaries / Sukkot / Yom Kippur

Christian missionary freeloaders in Jerusalem

Photos: Miriam Woelke

“Moadim le’Simcha – Happy Intermediate Days” from Jerusalem!

It is still nice and warm although temperatures are going down. 🙂 Wherever you go in downtown Jerusalem, you see plenty of Sukkot. Various cafes and restaurants offer their customers a seat outside in the Sukkah.
I think that the famous “Bircat HaCohanim – Blessing of the Cohanim at the Western Wall” is taking place tomorrow morning during Shacharit. Due to the great weather conditions, many people are going on trips. Most Israelis have to work but still … Some finish work earlier and if not … there is still some time do enjoy the holiday after work.
I cannot tell whether I will make it to the Old City. The past times I was there on Chol HaMoed, I was forced to fight my way through the crowds. Restaurants in the Jewish Quarter are expensive and most Jewish visitors actually bring their food from home. Especially religious families with a lot of kids. Who can afford the expensive restaurant food?
The negative Sukkot experience is the annual Christian missionary parade called “Jerusalem Parade”. Although a lot of Israelis take part in the parade, the event itself is being organized by the International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem. A well – known Christian missionary organizations whose goal is to get Jews into idol – worship.
I think that the parade is taking place tomorrow afternoon. Then you will see thousands of missionary Christians from all over the world waving their missionary flags. It is a disgrace for the city of Jerusalem hosting such an evil missionary event.
So, at the moment, you see smiling missionary faces all over town. What I do is to concentrate on the Jewish Sukkot and to ignore the negative surroundings.
Last week after Yom Kippur was finished, I joined the break – fast at Jeff Seidel’s, as I had prayed at Aish. It didn’t take long and some Christians saw the food outside of Jeff’s office. Every year after Yom Kippur, Christian tourists like to run around looking for Jewish break – fasts. All they want is free food. They do the same at the Great Synagogue downtown but without any success. The Great Synagogue charges money in advance and doesn’t accept any freeloaders.
When the Christians came to Jeff’s, the food was gone anyway because all Jewish participants had fasted and were hungry. 🙂
If I don’t have enough money, I stay at home and don’t travel. What many Christian missionaries do is, they come to Israel with hardly any money and then look for free Jewish places where they can stuff themselves.

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