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Does G – d need us?

Does G – d actually need us human beings?
When I heard the answer for the first time, I was shocked.
“No, G – d doesn’t need us because He doesn’t need anybody or anything. G – d is eternal and the supreme power of all existence. Why would such a being need anyone?”
There is no definite answer why G – d created this world and humankind. Kabbalistic literature teaches that He felt a desire to create the world and humans who try to get closer to him. Humans with a purpose in life they should fulfill. Jews who carry out Mitzvot and thus have a positive impact on the upper and lower worlds.
Why G – d decided to do so?
We will never now but can only speculate.
He doesn’t need us for his existence. He will exist with or without us.
Somehow this sounds a bit depressing but, I guess that this is reality and how the world is being run by Him. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Does G – d need us?

  1. B”H

    G – d doesn’t have any gender because he doesn’t have any form, shape or matter. He is being referred to as HE, as we have to describe this unknown being in some way.

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