Daily Life in Israel

Here comes the rain again

The weather forecast is predicting the first heavy rain showers. This afternoon, we are going to have lots of rain coming down in Jerusalem. The only problem is that the rain is always accompanied by stormy weather. Meaning, we cannot open any umbrella unless we want it destroyed.
I finally quit my second job. Actually I never got fired although the company is famous for doing so. I was waiting and waiting but nothing has ever happened. Luckily, my six months are over and I was able to quit. I couldn’t do so before, as, in this case, I would have to pay a fine. Leaving the company within the first six months can cause a fine of 500 Shekels. Now even 1000 Shekels.
So, I have got two more weeks left. My first job provides enough money and I don’t want to kill myself with an additional job until 10 pm at night. Hopping from one job to the next can be a real killer. I know that many people do this because they have to … however, you have to have a life too.
Yes, life in Israel is extremely expensive but I would rather spend less money than working 11 hours every day.

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