Archaeology / Islam / Jewish History / Palestinians / Temple

Jerusalem’s Jewish History

Archaeologists constantly dig out Jewish artifacts but there aren’t too many Muslim findings. The Muslim world and now even UNESCO deny a Jewish history in Israel. According to their opinion, the two Jewish Temples in Jerusalem have never existed. But how can it be then, that there is so much archaeological proof? Were do come all the artifacts, ancient documents, etc. come from? And where is the proof of the “glorious” Muslim presence in Israel?
In the past, the Muslim world had no problem admitting the existence of the Jewish Temples:
Jerusalem had already been Jewish when Islam didn’t even exist.
Today’s Palestinians even deny that the ancient Romans once occupied Israel (then Palestine). However, what the Palestinians did was stealing the name Palestine from the Romans and adding the name to their “own history”. PALESTINE is the ancient Roman name for Israel. Palestinians have never had anything to do with Israel or Palestine but originally came from other countries such as Greece, North Africa and other Arab countries.

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