Chassidut Gur

Takanot Gur: “Kosher wigs (Sheitels)”

Those of you who know Hebrew can read the latest Gur Takanot regarding their women’s Sheitel:
A female member of Chassidut Gur should buy a wig (Sheitel) that doesn’t look too natural and where the hair is not longer than her neck.
Gur has been facing severe modesty issues in Bnei Brak and elsewhere. Women put on a lot of makeup and run around in short skirts. Not mini but the skirt doesn’t cover the knees and, in chassidic society, this is considered to be immodest.
But not only Gur has been facing these problems. Today, when you look at various Chabad women, you would never think that they are actually chassidic. 🙂

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