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The Supermoon over Jerusalem


Photo: Miriam Woelke

I am jealous because so many people have been publishing the greatest pictures of last night’s Supermoon. When I went out onto my balcony, the Moon was looking like this. Nothing special and not even bigger than usual. Maybe shining brighter but no orange colour, no nothing.

2 thoughts on “The Supermoon over Jerusalem

  1. B”H

    Yes, there is such an Issur.
    I had something from the Halacha for Today site but cannot find it. They had a great article with lots of insights on why it is prohibited to stare at the Moon.

    I know that staring at a rainbow is also forbidden and the source seems to be in Talmud Chagigah. However, I will try to find the source for the Issur of not staring at the Moon.

    In case the reason may be connected to ancient idolatry: I was not thinking of any idolatry when I was looking at the Moon. 🙂

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