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George Soros wants to destroy Israel

Anti – semites  and people who haven’t really dealt with Jewish society are not always familiar with the fact that there are actually self – hating Jews. Jews who hate their own Jewish identity and Judaism as a whole. Jews who don’t want to be Jewish but just like everybody else in the world. However, it is those “everybody else people” who keep on reminding those self – hating Jews, what they really are: Jews.
One of those self – hating Jews is George Soros. The rich Holocaust survivor hates Judaism and Israel. As a matter of fact, he does anything in order to destroy the State of Israel. No matter, how much money he has to spend.
Just recently, Soros pumped millions of dollar donations into Hillary Clinton’s election campaign. In the end, Hillary lost and the Soros money went down the drain. I read that Soros wants to fight Donald Trump and that it is Soros financing the anti – Trump – riots in the US.
In Israel, George Soros has his extreme left organization called the New Israel Fund (NIF). The NIF and it’s offspring SHATIL.
You have definitely heard about the so – called “Women of the Wall” (the Kotel Women) who desecrate Torah scrolls at the Kotel (Western Wall) in Jerusalem. These women scream, appear half naked and do anything in order to receive attention. The women claim that they fight for their rights against the Orthodox Rabbinic power. However, has anyone ever asked who is behind this group? The answer is that the “Women of the Wall” are being financed the the NIF. Meaning, by George Soros.
It was also Soros and the NIF organizing and financing the Ethiopian riots in Tel Aviv last year. The same with the 50,000 illegal Africans in Tel Aviv. Do you still remember the self – appointed social activist Vicky Knafo? Her demonstration taking place in summer 2003, was also financed by Shatil.
In 2003, the unemployed Israeli Vicky Knafo started marching from Mitzpeh Ramon to Jerusalem. Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had announced drastic child allowance cuts and the single mom Vicky freaked out. She decided to walk from her hometown Mitzpeh Ramon up to Jerusalem and scream at Netanyahu.
What started like a good idea failed in the end. While Vicky was walking on the highway, she was receiving a phone call from Shatil. The two agreed to work together and when Vicky arrived at the Finance Ministry, Shatil had set up a tent for her.
Soon many more people started to join the demonstration and set up their own tents next to Vicky’s. This went on for about two months until Vicky packed up and went home. No demonstration in Israel has ever gained anything. In the end, all of them failed and people just left. And so did Vicky who had turned out to be corrupt and who accepted money under the table. Well, that’s Israel, people say. 🙂
Back in Mitzpeh Ramon, Vicky found a job as a cook at a brand new hotel. Now she is marching again. Of course, life in Israel can be really crappy. No jobs, low salaries, plenty of people on the dole and sick, handicapped and old people cannot always by medicine. A lot of people work in order to pay their bills but don’t really have a life because they cannot afford it. We all know about it but we don’t need a Vicky Knafo financed by George Soros to make a fuss. People simple don’t care about her and her latest demonstration.
Instead of showing all his hatred towards Israel, Orthodox Judaism or the new American President, Soros could have invested his money in something positive: In social projects or saving starving children in Africa. If he hates everybody so much then why doesn’t he pack his suitcase and is moving to Iran, Saudi – Arabia or just join ISIS. Who cares?
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2 thoughts on “George Soros wants to destroy Israel

  1. Where in the Torah does it say that women cannot read from the Torah At the wall? Just Where in the Tanakh or the Torah does it say a woman cannot teach from the Torah or be a Rabbi?

  2. B”H

    It is not about women reading from the Torah but it is rather the provoking attitude of the Women of the Wall. Waving their rear end and making all kind of obscene gestures. This is the reason why no one from the outside wants to join them. They don’t care about Torah but want to provoke with their extreme left – wing agenda.

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