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About Personal Development in Judaism

First it used to be fitness and now most Youtube videos deal with the so – called Personal Development. People want to grow and succeed in life. Whatever that means.
Today, everything is about carrier, success, money, and personal freedom and financial independence. What is missing here is spirituality and G – d because we have to realize that G – d created us and provides us with whatever we need.
Everybody can call himself “Personal Development Coach” or just “Coach”. You can find plenty of those self – appointed gurus on Youtube or elsewhere on the Internet. All of them spread the same message: You need motivation, discipline and you can only gain this by buying my course or ebook. 🙂
Believe it or not, this is what people do: They buy overpriced online courses where the coach explains how you overcome your laziness and be highly motivated. Once you follow all his instructions, you will be a successful happy person.
The problem is that all these coaches have the same agenda: They want to make money and sell their useless online products. There is nothing in this world you cannot google yourself. Anything about Personal Development is available online. Mostly free of charge. Nevertheless, why do people keep buying useless products and believe in a 4 – hour work week? The answer is that they want to believe in it. We all have dreams and in our dreams we are successful, motivated and have a lot of self – confidence. By purchasing coaching online products, we feel much better. It gives us the feeling of “doing something” even though most people just buy and do nothing. Our dreams keep the online scammers going and they, on the other hand, know how to exploit our desires.
Sometimes it only takes one piece of wisdom that makes us happy. Suddenly we feel motivated and this tiny little piece of wisdom is making our day. In Judaism there is no lack of wisdom. There are plenty of books even though many of these books seem to be so terribly discouraging. Just look at the “Path of the Just” by Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto. The Rabbi lists the ways to perfection and when I read this I thought “Oh, no! Who can ever reach such levels? Definitely not me!”
I put the book aside until I realized that the message is not all about becoming the most perfect human being but about the advice the Rabbi gives. His information is extremely helpful when you are looking for something in life. Not necessarily religion but about any kind of personal growth.
However, before we start talking about success in life, we have to define what this means to us. Some people think that success stands for a career and a lot of money. A seriously ill person, on the other hand, thinks that a healthy body and mind is the most precious thing in the world. Others think that it is important to have a family, a job or even enough food on the table. Each of us has a different idea of what success and happiness really means.
So, first of all, think about what is important to you and what your goals are before wasting your money on a useless coaching. 🙂

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