Daily Life in Israel

Israelis and their daily financial struggle

Wages haven’t increase but costs of living are always on the rise. This is the sad reality for those who live in Israel. We live in the Holy Land but we pay a high price:
No, I am not complaining, as I have got used to our reality. What the country should do is opening the market to international trade. What Israel needs is more competition because, so far, only a group of small companies keeps the market under control. They determine the prices and what the consumer is able to buy.
We need a Walmart or something similar. There has to be competition and a choice. Instead, we always find the same Israeli products on the supermarket shelves. Over and over again and everything is so freaking expensive.
A lot of Israeli companies export their products and all of you living abroad can buy these products for very little money. They are cheaper abroad then in Israel due to the lack of competition here. You have a choice, we don’t! šŸ™‚
Living in the Holy Land has never been cheap. Even King David put a high taxation onto each individual. We are definitely not Thailand or any other cheap Third World country.
Although our government and mayors love to point out that Israel is a high – tech country full of startups, reality is very different. Until a computer sales chain called IVORY came into existence a few years ago, it was impossible to purchase certain computers or hardware. For instance, I have never come across a Vaio computer. It was or still is hard to get hold of a Kindle.
Israel may be extremely advanced in terms of military and internet security technology, however, the ordinary citizen has other problems and struggles with making a living. Let alone to be able to save up some money.

2 thoughts on “Israelis and their daily financial struggle

  1. You never want Walmart that is the worst store in the world. Proft out of poverty id their moto. We will never shop there!

  2. B”H

    Well, this is what most supermarket chains do. The same here in Israel where employees working at the tills get paid minimum wage.

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