Palestinians / Terror

The Palestinian FIRE INTIFADA

We cannot really call it a new form of Palestinian terrorism, as Palestinians have been starting fires for quite some time. Even in my Jerusalem neighbourhood they like to set the so – called “Peace Forest” on fire. Once I even saw a few Palestinian kids starting a fire.
For a couple of days now, the small town Zichron Yaakov is on fire. Several houses got destroyed and people had been evacuated. Then some wild fires have started outside Jerusalem. This morning we heard that there were fires around Modi’in and that the fire department tried to rescue the gas station at the Sha’ar Chagai intersection (at the Jerusalem – Tel Aviv highway). 
This the afternoon, 12 Haifa neighbourhoods (60,000 people) were evacuated, as a huge fired had started around the coastal town. Several Palestinians in connection with the fire in Haifa got arrested.  

Fire in Haifa

This evening we heard about more fires near Jerusalem, Beit Shemesh, Petach Tikvah and Pardes Channah. Isn’t it strange that we never hear about wild fires near Palestinian places? Two prisons have been evacuated and most Israelis are more than upset about Palestinian arsonists. Nowhere else in the Middle East we see fires like this at the moment. Only in Israel and always in Jewish places. 
Greece and Italy are trying to help the Israeli fire department. Greek planes are throwing water into the flames and a massive Russian plane is on its way.  And what does the Arab world do? Well, they celebrate the latest Palestinian arson attacks. What else can we expect?

Fire in Zichron Yaakov

The Fire Intifada
The latest Photos

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