Palestinians / Terror

Arab world is celebrating the “Fire Intifada” in Israel

The famous German leftist and anti – Semitic news magazine “Der Spiegel” is calling the destructive Wildfires in Israel “bushfires”. Bushfire sounds less dangerous and, by the way, “it is Israel’s right using the present situation by accusing the poor innocent Palestinians of arson”.  This comes from a German anti – Semitic news magazine.  However, what the magazine is trying to hide:
More than ten Palestinians have been arrested, as they were caught in the act. Walking around through a forest with gasoline and old rags. Do innocent people do this?,7340,L-4884534,00.html
And what about the Wildfires now?
So far, we haven’t really seen too much rain since the beginning of April. A month ago or so, it started to rain but then we had another heatwave. Everything is dry and a tiny little spark can cause the worst fire. According to the weather forecast, winter 

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